Our facilities

With a processing capacity of up to 150 tonnes a day, the Mejillones NIDAL factory covers about 6000 square metres, divided into areas for receiving and cleaning the raw mussels, cooking the mussels, sorting and cleaning the processed product, freezing, and cold storage.

Our personnel

Unlike other sources, mussels from Galicia reach peak production in summer and autumn. For this reason, our highly qualified personnel are an essential resource for meeting customer demand and maintaining the stock that lets us provide an excellent quality product.

Our production lines

are equipped with the latest technology, especially our next-generation freezer system which provides the highest quality individual quick freezing. This system uses tunnels to freeze foods in record time, ensuring the best possible quality and presentation.

Automating the freezing and packaging system avoids unnecessary delays and changes in temperature which could affect the quality of the end product.

After the product is packed and labelled, it goes straight to the buyer, or to cold storage.

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